Week Nine of the NFL season has some pretty great matchups, especially division rivalries.

Thursday Night Football already has happened, so there will be no pick for it this week.

Thursday, November 3
NFLN TNF 8:25 PM Falcons/Buccaneers  Falcons Win 43-28
Sunday, November 6
FOX Single 1:00 PM Cowboys/Browns Cowboys
Eagles/Giants Giants
Lions/Vikings Lions
4:05 PM Panthers/Rams Panthers
Saints/49ers Saints
CBS Double (early) 1:00 PM Jets/Dolphins  Dolphins
Steelers/Ravens  Ravens
Jaguars/Chiefs  Chiefs
Double (late) 4:25 PM Colts/Packers  Packers
Titans/Chargers  Titans
NBC SNF 8:30 PM Broncos/Raiders  Broncos
Monday, November 7
ESPN MNF 8:15 PM Bills/Seahawks



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