Edwin Encarnacion proved to be a hero for the Toronto Blue Jays and now he is set to make a lot of cash.

Encarnacion has become a free-agent and he will possibly receive a $25M per season deal, that could be up to five years. Encarnacion showed that he could still play first base for a National League team, fielding at .997 clip. His agent, Paul Kinzer, has stated this.

“He proved this year that he is a solid first baseman and I think that will make him attractive to National League teams as well,” said Kinzer.

He believes that Encarnacion can receive more money than Chris Davis, who is signed thru 2022 for 7 years and $161M.

“The market will dictate what he gets, but I would like to see him get five years. [Baltimore Orioles first baseman] Chris Davis has seven years and $20 million [per season]. I think Edwin could be a $25-million guy.”

Encarnacion is also three years older than Davis. However, Encarnacion’s slash line is much more consistent and he can hit for average. As a Blue Jay, his slash line has been .268/.355/.522. Those numbers are highly respectable.

“Last year moved pretty quick on a lot of higher guys, so we’ll see,” Kinzer said. “The only thing this time is the collective bargaining agreement [defining the luxury tax threshold], how that works out. If he feels comfortable and he feels like he’s treated fairly, he can pull the trigger fairly rapidly.”

There is a possibility that he could stay within the American League. The Boston Red Sox have lost David Ortiz to retirement, so they could be looking for someone to fill his shoes. Encarnacion knows the AL East very well and he would fit well as a DH/first baseman.

The Yankees could also be looking for a DH and of course, the Yankees have the money to sign him. His list of suitors most likely will be vast.

Encarnacion received the one-year, $17.2 million qualifying offer from the Blue Jays. He will most likely decline the offer. The question is, will the Blue Jays re-sign him?


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