Trade rumors are abuzz in the NBA and now a new rumor involves Sacramento Kings small forward, Rudy Gay.

According to Erik Horne of The Oklahoman, Gay possibly could be a person of interest for the Oklahoma City Thunder. They are team that needs another scoring option after losing Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors in free agency:

Thunder fan: If you were to make an educated guess on the thunders small forward plans. What do you think they will do? Stay with Roberson, trade Roberson since he wants to much, try to work grant into that spot, bring in someone else? Erik Horne: I’d say every avenue will be explored. Since we know the Thunder has at least had interest in Rudy Gay, you’d imagine that interest is still open if the right deal comes along. Either way, Roberson may not be the guy at SF, particularly since they didn’t get that deal done. Doesn’t mean he can’t come back, but they clearly want to strengthen the position, be it through Grant or someone else.
I believe that the Thunder should make a move for Gay. Currently, he’s scoring 22.8 points per game with a 50% field goal percentage.  He hasn’t always lived up to his potential throughout his career. However, this year he’s been great. Adding his scoring with Russell Westbrook’s ability to get everyone, including himself involved in the game, the Thunder will become an even more formidable team in the Western Conference.

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