Come on. The Premier League season just started heating up.

Tottenham exposed the first cracks in Pep Guardiola’s seemingly impenetrable Man City team, The Special One is coming under fire, and West Ham is imploding quite magnificently. Now what? Of course we come to a screeching halt because some people think it might be fun to watch England steamroll Malta, or watch Slovenia take on Slovakia in the battle of wait, they aren’t the same country?

It’s a debate that has gone on for years. Is the international break even worth it? Sure there might be a sense of patriotism that we feel when we see our home country pull on their jersey and take on a rival nation, but for those of us who are fans of the US Men’s team, it’s not hard to see that our national team is just about on par with all of the other countries in North America. I’m sorry (not really), but watching the US play Costa Rica isn’t the same as Spain taking on Italy. International friendlies happen a lot in the early part of the Premier League season, and they deny teams the chance to mesh and play well together. Not to mention the fact that your team could lose its star player during a meaningless game. I mean, Sergio Aguero already has glass bones and paper skin, so you might as well let him break something during an exciting game in the Premiership than tear an ACL celebrating his hat-trick against Panama, am I right?

As an avid fan of the Premier League and soccer in general, you would think that I wouldn’t mind international breaks, because hey, it’s still a game right? Wrong. Like most other fans of the beautiful game, I want to follow my team week in, week out in the Premier League. Then, every 4 years I’ll get excited for the world cup like everyone else. It’s definitely a divisive issue, and there are pros and cons for each side. At the moment, I’m definitely on the side of con, so please please can I just have my Premier League back?


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