After Week Nine, the Oakland Raiders seem to be the crown princes of the AFC West. 

They defeated the Denver Broncos (6-3) last week and this week, they get a bye week to come back. As for the rest of the AFC West, the Kansas City Chiefs (6-2),  Broncos and San Diego Chargers (4-5) play.

Along with the strength of the AFC West has been the ineptitude of the AFC North. The Baltimore Ravens (4-4) and Pittsburgh Steelers (4-4) played the most penalized game of the season. The Ravens have a bout against the Browns on Thursday Night Football against the division foe, the winless Cleveland Browns (0-9). For the Steelers, they have an bout against the Dallas Cowboys (7-1). The Cincinnati Bengals (3-4-1) play against the Giants on Monday Night Football.

Here are my picks:

Thursday, November 10
NFLN TNF 8:25 PM Browns/Ravens  Ravens
Sunday, November 13
CBS Single 1:00 PM Chiefs/Panthers  Chiefs
Broncos/Saints  Broncos
Texans/Jaguars  Texans
4:05 PM Dolphins/Chargers  Dolphins
FOX Double (early) 1:00 PM Falcons/Eagles  Falcons
Vikings/Washington  Washington
Bears/Buccaneers  Buccaneers
Rams/Jets  Jets
Packers/Titans  Packers
Double (late) 4:25 PM Cowboys/Steelers  Cowboys
49ers/Cardinals  Cardinals
NBC SNF 8:30 PM Seahawks/Patriots  Seahawks
Monday, November 14
ESPN MNF 8:15 PM Bengals/Giants  Giants

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