There is currently a movement to make Thursday the official start of the weekend.

No, this isn’t a joke. Or is it?

The petition is officially on and states as such:

Thursday Night Football should be more than just a game, it should be the official, legal start of a three-day weekend.

America is at a crossroads. The choice is clear: do we continue to suffer the indignity of a two-day weekend? Do we keep sleepy Fridays at work dreaming of escaping the cubicle as part of our weekly routine? OR do we rise up to make the change that hardworking members of society have deserved for so long?

Our demands are simple. We, the people, the football fans, the hard working people of the United States deserve better. To be precise, what we deserve is a longer weekend and one that starts at the same time as Thursday night kick off.

All we ask is that the government simply change our national calendar, and make Thursday night the start of the weekend. That’s all. No big deal.

We’ve punched the card too many times to deserve anything less.

Join the movement. With every signature, we are one step closer to starting the weekend early and making a real change for every single working class member of society.

It is only together that the future is possible.

The video features a litany of online stars and athletes: Dude Perfect, Justin Tuck, Damon “Snacks” Harrison, Buff Dudes, FamousLos32, Jay Mendoza, Indi Cowie, Legendary Shots, Firefly of the Harlem Globetrotters, Terron Beckham, Gold Feet Global, The Foot Doctor, Scooter Magruder, Callie Bundy and Alex Kraemer.

I love this idea, even if it isn’t serious. I would love to see everyone get the day off on Friday and watch Thursday Night Football. This is almost as good as making the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday, a federal holiday. Nice job Whistle Sports!


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