Case and point number one is the ever alluding DC sports curse, seemingly plaguing every sports franchise to ever call the district its home.

Although this curse mainly resonates specifically with DC sports fans and is nowhere near as bad as the previous Cleveland drought or even in the same room as the Cubbies (108 years is absolutely ridiculous), it still remains a point of unnerving despair.

In such a politically charged, transient city, its plain to see how sports franchises can go unnoticed. It seems as if everyone you meet in the downtown area is more concerned with professional connections than sports team affiliations.

Being that the majority of people residing in the downtown, Washington DC area aren’t exactly from the immediate area. The sports community is diverse, allowing for the area to become a melting pot of sports ideals, with no one franchise taking the reigns.

Via Rant Sports
Via Rant Sports

Most Redskins and DC sports fans I’ve encountered over the years are actually from the southern Maryland and Virginia area, making Baltimore more suitable for die hard and loyal fans needed to sustain a franchise. The biggest factor in this question isn’t exactly population density, but more specifically volume of sports minded people, in this instance of the basketball variety. In my experiences, I’ve ran into almost double the number of sports minded people in the inner city of Baltimore than inner city DC.

Perhaps the most daunting of my reasons resides purely in selfishness. Being around the Baltimore area and a huge fan of the game, my own self interest is screaming for basketball.

Aside from the fact DC traffic is notoriously terrible, I truly believe the Wizards are in a bad relationship with the District and needs some reassurance of it’s self worth…Kevin Plank where are you now?!

Lets outrun this terrible sports curse about 45 miles up 95 north to the land of pleasant living.


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