Marvel’s Dr. Strange is a rather unpopular superhero in the Marvel Universe, however when it comes to cinematic viewing pleasure, its a name you won’t soon forget.

It’s easy to see how such a movie has been somewhat overlooked by mainstream media lately, especially with the release of the hit TV series Luke Cage on Netflix and the ever growing popularity of The Avengers. Dr. Strange is a relatively new superhero to those that are unfamiliar with the spectrum of hero’s Marvel comics has produced over the years. Along with Luke Cage, Dr. Strange is not mentioned in The Avengers or any of the other popular Marvel movies surrounding Captain America or Iron Man.

If you’re anything like me and are normally content with waiting the three months until movies are out of the theatres and sold in DVD’s, (or just streamed for free) then you can share in my ignorance of movies playing in the theatre. However, for some strange reason, I had the urge to sit down in a dimly lit theatre, grab a tub of heavily buttered popcorn, kick my feet up on the seat in front of me and take a journey through the cinematic experience. I’m a big believer that if something enters your reality out of nowhere, often times its for good reason. A good friend of mine had mentioned earlier in the week something about how bad they wanted to see Dr. Strange. Being that I had no idea who Dr. Strange was I decided to look up the trailer before spending the $12.75. It looked decent enough and it didn’t really matter the movie anyway being as I just wanted to escape reality for a couple of hours, not too hung up on the content. This being said, boy was I in for an experience.

Dr. Strange is about a rich bachelor surgeon (Not old money Batman rich, but more I made money off my brain Iron Man rich) who of course suffers a traumatic experience one night driving to an event. Without giving too much away, the car slips off the road and ironically enough, Dr. Strange spends the next couple of days in a hospital being put back together. When he comes to he discovers the most horrific thing possible, his hands don’t and will never work like they used to. This is where the fun begins.

Dr. Strange is different than your average superhero movie in a couple ways. The special effects on display throughout are some of the trippiest I’ve ever seen, definitely going to want to smoke before this one. The concept presented isn’t so farfetched that its annoyingly unbelievable, but rather allow you to expand your mind into a different way of thinking. The movie explains everything so well yet so simply that it’s easy to follow along. While the humor is nowhere near as raunchy and rated R as Deadpool, it’s still very witty and perfectly timed throughout. And once again, the special effects are absolutely insane. Oh and make sure to stick around after the credits, there is a nice little tie in to give hope to another Dr. Strange upcoming appearance.

I don’t normally spend money on movies, however I vowed I would buy the DVD as soon as it came out. Dr. Strange may not be the best superhero ever made, but it might have offered the best superhero movie I have seen to this date. I highly recommend checking it out in theatres for the full experience of the special effects, but at home with your own mind stimulators will be enjoyable as well.


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