I’ve been calling him Scam Newton for years. When he came out of Auburn and broke nearly every rookie NFL record, I was calling it a scam.

My criticism of Newton could be interpreted as somewhat of a compliment. I’m basically saying that you’re not supposed to be that good at football. It should be against the law to be 6’5”, 240lbs and be that fast and elusive. We’ve seen some really impressive quarterbacks with a lot of speed such as Russell Wilson, Derek Carr, Mike Vick… This is just a shortlist of the fastest, quickest quarterback’s we’ve seen. Here are some of the biggest quarterbacks we’ve seen: Big Ben Roethlisberger, Brock Osweiler, Joe Flacco.

Now imagine if there was a quarterback with the size of Big Ben and the speed of Russell Wilson, wouldn’t the game be kind of unfair? Isn’t it a crime against the fairness of football to have that kind of specimen behind center? I sure think so. He was one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, rookie quarterback of all time. When I saw him during that season, I couldn’t believe how good this guy was. It was almost impossible to stop him, unless he was throwing interceptions off his back foot. My prediction was that the NFL would find a way to limit his effectiveness in the game of football.

After dancing over the entire league last season, we’ve certainly seen my prediction proven true this season. The whole league has a bounty-gate type situation with Newton. Everyone is taking every cheap shot they can on Cam, and I believe this kind of abuse is self-inflicted. If I can recall Newton’s famous quote from last season when teams were complaining about him dancing in the endzone, it went something like this, ”If they don’t want me to dance, then they should keep me out of the endzone”.

I could feel defenders in the league steaming to catch Newton lacking. Watching this guy in his post-game interviews, seeing his goofy outfits, and his 10 gallon Sandy Cheeks hats, linemen and linebackers were marking their calendars for the day that they would see Cam Newton and take him up on his challenge of keeping him out the Endzone. He was asking for it.

This has been a mediocre season for the Panthers. The Panthers are now 4-6 and in last place in the NFC south. I’ll venture a prediction that they’ll make the playoffs. I am strictly making this prediction because the NFC south is among the worst divisions in the NFL, and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the standings flipped in that division by the end of the season despite the terrible start from the Panthers. My prediction has nothing to do with the Panthers ability, I just don’t trust any team in the NFC south considering how bad they’ve been.

BUT… if the Panthers don’t make the playoffs, they can blame sCam Newton for Cranking that Soulja Boy in the endzone every time his team scored last season. My point is since Cam Newton makes the game unfair, the game has to even out somehow, and now we see the players taking matters in their own hands by intentionally trying to injure the Pro Bowler. I’ve only seen a few occasions this season where Newton has had a chance to two-step in the endzone. The one time I saw him try to crip walk into the enzone, someone gave him a concussion as he crossed the plane. The “bounty” would likely get lifted if he showed more humility, but when you’re as good as he is, it must be hard to remain humble.

There won’t be anything to dougie about when a nickleback blindsides him on blitz. Then there will be another press conference where he complains that the game isn’t fun anymore and he’s thinking of retiring early like Barry Sanders or Calvin Johnson. Point being football is a rough sport, people are going to get hit. I saw a coach get stretchered off the field a few weeks ago. That’s just the nature of the game. Becoming a football playing king in space is not for everyone. Someone needs to tell sCam Newton that it’s not ballet, and if he doesn’t like it, he can go be a male model or something. Now Dab to that!!!


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