Tonight, the Oakland Raiders will take on the Houston Texans in Mexico City. It had me wonder about a few things…

The NFL has some lofty plans for the expansion of the league and a few teams may relocate soon. Here, I will discuss where the NFL will go in the future with some of these teams. Also, which teams are most likely to move? These are my most likely cities and teams to get a new franchise:

Las Vegas

Image result for las vegas

The Raiders are probably headed to Vegas next season, so this one is just about a done deal.


Image result for london

The Jacksonville Jaguars play one home game per season in London. Also, it wouldn’t be of any surprise to see the NFL expand into the European market. It is largely untapped and could make room for expansion to other European cities.


Image result for toronto

It is very close and the city is huge. I couldn’t see why the NYC of Canada couldn’t support an NFL franchise. Remember, the Buffalo Bills used to play a game or two in Toronto as a home game. Plus, whichever team moves to Toronto or is born in the city, could be a natural rival to their lake shore rival Bills.

San Antonio

Image result for san antonio

The Raiders looked at this huge Texas city as an option in the past. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprised that they would be a frontrunner for an NFL franchise in the near future. Plus, San Antonio has proven to be highly loyal to the Spurs.


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