The Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys will face off in Minneapolis on Thursday.

For Thursday Night Football, most teams have worn uniforms that have been all one color. These are known as the “Color Rush” uniforms.

The Cowboys will wear all-white, like they did in last Thanksgiving’s matchup against the Carolina Panthers:

Via USA Today

The Vikings will wear all-purple. Their letters and numbers will be gold:

Not a bad look if you ask me. Although the ratings of the NFL have been down, the NFL can take a note of what to do with certain Color Rush uniforms: keep them. Not all of them are as good as the Cowboys’ “throwback” that they will wear on Thursday or as good as the Vikings’ all-purple uniform, but simplicity is a good thing.

Another word of advice for the NFL, bring back throwback uniforms. They looked great a few years ago and they still look great today. Look at the Dolphins’ uniforms:

Via Twitter

It’s sharp. It’s smooth. It’s also classic. Go for it NFL and make your fans happy… at least somewhat.


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