The Baltimore Ravens took on the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, but the game ended in a very odd way.

Sam Koch, Baltimore’s punter, took the snap at the :11 mark in the fourth quarter and began to run around to run the clock out. Normal right?

In the words of the great Lee Corso, “Not so fast my friend”:

The Ravens had about four penalty flags thrown on them. Every single one was for a holding call. Koch was able to end the game by running out of the back of the endzone, resulting in a safety. This would deliver a 19-14 Ravens win in Baltimore.

This isn’t the first time that the Ravens have done this. It happened during the Super Bowl in 2013 against the San Francisco 49ers.

“I tried to mention that was the best safety ever taken, and what I meant was, it was the best-executed safety ever because we kept him clean the whole time,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said after the Ravens topped the Bengals. “But [linebacker Terrell Suggs] says nothing can top the Super Bowl safety.”

Koch mentioned that the play worked much better than it did in the Super Bowl.

“We know what we did wrong in the Super Bowl,” he said, “and we kind of learned from it and just made sure that everybody did what they needed to and hold on as long as they could and ended up winning the game.”

He also mentioned that the Ravens practice the play. The Ravens also knew that the play wouldn’t lead to an untimed down “as long as a hold wasn’t in the end zone.”

“With [special-teams coach] Jerry [Rosburg] and Harbaugh, even though it may only happen once or twice in four years, it’s something that we practice yearly, and we make sure we have all of our stones unturned, and when situations like that arrive, we can have them at our disposal,” Koch said.

Weird way to win, but a W is a W.


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