Tables, Ladders, and Chairs WWE Championship Match: AJ Styles (c) vs. Dean Ambrose

Both men enter the arena receiving great pops from the crowd. Styles gets the bigger pop of the two. Both charge at one another coming out of the gate. Ambrose gains the upper hand, throwing Styles into the corner and knocking him down. He throws Styles into the ropes and delivers a back body drop on the champion. Ambrose grabs a chair and a ladder and throws them in the ring. Styles grabs the chair and swings it at Ambrose. Styles sets up the ladder, starts to climb up and the two men continuously climb up and pull one another down. The fight goes outside the ring where Ambrose utilizes the tables, ladders, and chairs on the outside. He throws Styles into the “furniture” maintaining the momentum that he has. Ambrose sets up Styles for a snap suplex on the stage ramp. You can see the pain in Styles face. Ambrose grabs a trashcan and puts it over Styles head and beats him to the ground. He is humiliating AJ Styles. Ambrose gets a crowd reaction as he show-boats a bit. He gets on the ring barricade, jumps at Styles, and is countered by a drop kick!

Momentum has shifted as Styles delivers a flying clothesline, and the crowd starts to chant, “AJ Styles!”. Ambrose grabs a chair and charges at Styles full steam ahead. He quickly grabs a ladder and goes for the belt but Styles runs into the ring to push the ladder over. Styles is gaining momentum slowly but surely. Ambrose gets hit with a ladder in the ring, and Styles is limping. Styles picks up Ambrose and delivers a body slam on the ladder. The two collide together in the middle of the ring, and Ambrose throws Styles into ladder. Styles is on the outside as Ambrose sets up a table in the middle of the ring. Styles rushes into the ring with a steel chair, and smashes Ambrose in the back with it. The crowd starts to chant, “Undertaker”, and I am lost.

Styles delivers a side walk slam and then hits Dean Ambrose with a right hand. Styles grabs the chair and continues to smash Ambrose’s body. Styles grabs more chairs and sets them up in a musical chairs fashion. Styles goes to suplex Ambrose, Ambrose counters it, lifts styles up and throws him on his back through the chairs!

The crowd starts the first “holy shit!” chant of the match. Ambrose gains momentum and delivers an elbow type drop with a chair in his hands, onto Styles.  The two battle back and forth, then Styles delivers a suplex to Ambrose through the table set up in the corner of the ring! Ambrose is folded up in the table, and “The Champ that Runs The Camp” has some momentum. Styles looks for the Phenomenal Forearm but it is quickly countered as Ambrose goes for Dirty Deeds, but that is countered by Styles, who is countered by Ambrose and throws him out of the ring. It seems that AJ Styles’ tights are ripped in the back, and you can see where the sun doesn’t shine. Ambrose sets Styles on the announce table and has a ladder on top of another announce table. Ambrose climbs up and delivers a crushing elbow onto AJ Styles! The second, “holy shit!” chant of the match follows this devastating move! Ambrose sets the ladder in the middle of the ring, climbing up, inches away from the title, but Styles delivers a Phenomenal Forearm to the challenger, knocking him off the ladder!

The two men climb the ladder on opposite sides and knock each other off. Styles goes for the Styles Clash, and it’s countered by Ambrose as he throws the champion into the ladder! Ambrose climbs the ladder once again, but Styles pulls his leg down and Styles was looking for a power-bomb, but Ambrose counters and sends the champion to the outside of the ring. Styles goes for the moonsault DDT on Ambrose and lands it outside of the ring. He immediate;y sets up Ambrose on a table on the outside of the ring, and Styles delivers a spring board 450 splash onto Dean Ambrose! The third, “holy shit!” chant ensues.

Styles sets up the ladder and James Ellsworth is coming down to the ring! He has a neck brace on, and Styles attacks him! Styles is looking to deliver the Styles Clash on the steel steps, but Ambrose clotheslines him and delivers Dirty Deeds to Styles! Ambrose sets up the ladder in the ring and goes for the title! Styles gets in the ring and both men are struggling to get to the belt! Ambrose knocks Styles off the ladder, and Ambrose is about to grab the title. James Ellsworth gets in the ring, pushes the ladder down, and sends Dean Ambrose outside of the ring flying through two tables!

Styles gets in the ring, and climbs the ladder, and grabs the championship to retain.

Winner: AJ Styles (c)


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