Fear by Xavier Dontavious Brooks

Fear me,and act is if I do not care.

Fear my potential for greatness and my ability to create change.

Murder me like Malcolm X,

assassinate me like  Martin luther king Jr.

eliminate the few opportunities I have

and disenfranchise  me like so many others.

Fear my skin like its 1919

and tell each other I am raping and killing women,

fear my power as if we just crossed the cusp of the 1960’s,

and my black permeates from me,

fist high, panthers to my back.

Fear my spiritual resilience,

as nine of my churches burn,

and I  pray to a God used

to enslave me,

yet still am blessed.

Fear my forgiveness,

when 9 of  my families lives have been taken,

all while we dismiss its cause to illness of a child my age

and are distracted by a southerner’s flag created in the 50’s

embroidered in that same fear.

As if it never happened before that flags making.

This fear being felt is not newly birthed,

it is a fear in things there is no reason to fear,

a fear of those that move for change in peace,

and with that fear  an anti-progressive

complacency is found

in the womb of hatred.

So that hate of me,

of my skin ,

of my power,

outweighs your fear and consumes you.


Fear me,

so that I am forced

to align myself with

others that are feared

others that with unity

find comfort in fear.

others that are hated

others determined to create change.

Others forced to see their skin as meaningless…

forced to see their ideas as worthless…..  Now,

Hate us,

hate what we stand for and

how long we stood for it.

Hate our unfailing resilience,

hate our love for each other,

in our unseen peace of millions marching,

that the media wont cover.

and in that hate respect us.


Respect our persistence,

respect where we are and how far we have come.

I can only hope that respect

makes you pray.

When you do,

Pray for  the  elders

and  pray for the youth

pray for peace

and a redefining of love

, and pray as I do

that we are not forced to take that respect ,

give that fear focus,

or redistribute that hate.



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