Super Bowl LI Preview and Prediction

One year ago, we saw one of the greatest defensive matchups in the history of the NFL’s big game.

Super Bowl 50 featured the two best defenses in football, and both units lived up to the hype, delivering a game which featured 34 total points, 509 total yards, and more sacks (12) than third down conversions (4). Somehow, I get the feeling that this year’s championship round will go a little bit differently.

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Earl Thomas Contemplating Retirement After Leg Injury

Earl Thomas suffered a leg injury against the Carolina Panthers in the second quarter of Sunday’s matchup and was taken to the locker room in a cart.

Thomas left the game with 10:40 to go in the first half after getting injured. Sunday’s game was his first since hurting his hamstring against the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Tom Brady: 199 Wins

What is the best way to explain what Tom Brady means to football? How about this: he gives us all a reason to believe in the Fountain of Youth.

At thirty-nine years old, he is still an absurdly good quarterback by any measure you could think of, and his Patriots are still the dragon guarding the crossing to Super Bowl contention in the AFC. Brady has always fully inhabited the persona of the All-American golden boy, the homecoming king who stayed handsome and popular forever; when we picture a day in the life of Tom Brady, we think of him relaxing in the back of a limousine, or sitting on a veranda and sniffing a glass of rich wine, or rolling out of bed with his hair already somehow perfect.

He is the sort of person whose hair ripples gently in the breeze even when he is indoors. Oscar Wilde wrote about “women of the very highest birth who have, of their free choice, remained thirty-five for years”. That is the sense that I get when I watch Brady play—he found his ideal state of being and simply chose to stay that way forever.

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Michigan Still Has A Shot

The Michigan Wolverines may have lost to the Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday, but they still have a shot to make it into the College Football Playoff. 

As of right now, the AP Poll has the Wolverines as the fifth ranked team in the country. The top four teams will be a part of the College Football Playoff, with the #1 seed taking on the #4 seed and the #2 seed playing against the #3 seed. Neither Michigan nor #2 Ohio State will play in the Big Ten Championship Game. #6 Wisconsin and #8 Penn State will have the honor of playing in the Championship Game.

So what will happen to each team after being off next week?

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I Call Him Scam Newton…

I’ve been calling him Scam Newton for years. When he came out of Auburn and broke nearly every rookie NFL record, I was calling it a scam.

My criticism of Newton could be interpreted as somewhat of a compliment. I’m basically saying that you’re not supposed to be that good at football. It should be against the law to be 6’5”, 240lbs and be that fast and elusive. We’ve seen some really impressive quarterbacks with a lot of speed such as Russell Wilson, Derek Carr, Mike Vick… This is just a shortlist of the fastest, quickest quarterback’s we’ve seen. Here are some of the biggest quarterbacks we’ve seen: Big Ben Roethlisberger, Brock Osweiler, Joe Flacco.

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2017 Pro Football Hall Of Fame Semifinalists

The Pro Hall of Fame has released its list of 2017 semifinalists.

Headlining the list are players like former Philadelphia Eagles safety, Brian Dawkins, former Denver Broncos running back and safety, Terrell Davis and John Lynch, former San Diego Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson, former Pittsburgh Steeler, Hines Ward, journeyman and all-World receiver Terrell Owens, former Miami Dolphins defensive end, Jason Taylor and St. Lousis Rams receivers, Torry Holt and Issac Bruce:

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DraftKings and FanDuel Announce Merger

Two of the biggest daily fantasy sports websites have announced a merger.

DraftKings and FanDuel will become one entity. The companies said that the merger will allow a greater investment in “growth opportunities and an accelerated path to profitability.”

“We have always been passionate about providing the best possible experience for our customers and this merger will help advance our goal of building a transformational global sports entertainment platform,” DraftKings CEO Jason Robins said in a statement. “Joining forces will allow us to truly realize the potential of our vision, and as a combined company we will be able to accelerate the pace of innovation and bring a richer experience to our customers than we ever could have done separately.”

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Isaiah Pead Seriously Injured in Car Crash

A former Rams and Dolphins running back was critically injured in a car accident last weekend. 

Isaiah Pead has lost part of his leg, according to his Cincinnati Bearcats head coach, Tommy Tuberville. Tuberville said on his 700 WLW-AM radio show, that Pead will “never play again, obviously. It’s just devastating.”

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