Sunday Poetry: On Blank Spaces

let it flow
those words you got
chained to your soul
let em go

the universe is waiting on you
you’re the one
so its told
you’re the one that can set us free
the mold of the king
so mighty is your roar
let us hear it

penetrate our spirits
and enflame our hearts
desolation in the dark
how we need your spark
we’ve been lost for centuries
and its only getting harder
to see where we’re going

so buckle your bootstraps
and sharpen your tongue
when your ink begins to spill
let it  let it run
through the broken homes
and the broken souls that litter
our world like lost stars

through every pew
and every backyard backwood back then
high school party
that our parents don’t know about

through the world
and the girl and the lost boys
and all that is unknown
let it run
leave fountains for us


Sunday Poetry: Blind Fury

when I was young
I had trouble with my anger
not like the cute kids
you see on the TV set
no no no

this was a different beast
five feet of fear and confusion
you couldn’t tell me shit
with the flip of a switch

a spark would turn into wildfire
I’d puff my chest out
and clinch my fist so tight
I could feel my heart
beating through my finger tips

I didn’t know blood could get this hot
the furnace in my stomach
wouldn’t turn off
it just kept pumping

wave after wave
this ugly red gas
waiting to combust
holding back the tears
as they crashed against my eyelids

don’t cry! men don’t cry! suck it up!
thoughts from a boy
who didn’t know the man
he was keeping himself from being