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Tug of Scores is a website that is based in Baltimore, MD that is dedicated to covering sports, gaming, entertainment, and things that are important to daily life. Our sports coverage includes the  National Hockey League, National Football League, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, Professional Golfers Association, Fantasy Sports, World Wrestling Entertainment and others.

How to contact us:

Email: tugofscores@protonmail.com

How to write for us:

Email Kyle, Brian or even Tug of Scores! We are always welcoming of new writers!


Kyle Andrews (Co-Founder) (Baltimore, MD)

Email: kjandrews1994@gmail.com

Twitter: @KyleAndrews1994

YouTube: OriolesNation

Brian Howard (Co-Founder) (Baltimore, MD)

Email: behoward129@gmail.com

Twitter: @FoxyGrandpa410

YouTube: FoxyGrandpa410

Brandon Davis (Marketing Coordinator) (Bethlehem, PA)

Email: brandondavis5207@gmail.com

Twitter: @FIEF_Lord

Staff Writers

K.B. Mensah 

Email: k.mensah94@outlook.com

Twitter: @portraitgrip

Justin Doak

Email: justindoak@gmail.com

Twitter: @WalleStreete

Danielle Kreamer

Email: Danielle.kreamer@yahoo.com

Twitter: @DKreamerr

Lexie Jacobs

Email: lexieswims@gmail.com

Twitter: @lexieswims

Eric Himmelheber (Baltimore, MD)

Email: ericvonhim@gmail.com

Sam Miller (Denver, CO)

Email: jjflash82@gmail.com

Andy O’Draighnean (Cleveland, OH)

Email: KardiacKidd1987@gmail.com

Maurice Hargrave (Baltimore, MD)

Email: mhargrave19@gmail.com

T.Y. Barner (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Email: tybarner003@gmail.com

Gregg Burdon (Baltimore, MD)

Email: Greggburdon@gmail.com